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Bumprider Toddler Board Universal Fit


Bumprider Toddler Board Universal Fit

Limited stock available

  • The Bumprider is the next generation in stand-on board for Prams & Stroller.

  • It is designed to fit most strollers or prams. Key features include quick release and locking.

  • Attach or detach your Bumprider with a simple ¯click

  • Connecting arms, adjustable freely without limitations up/down and sideways to fit any pram or stroller. Unique suspension technique that ensures a smooth and easy ride regardless where you walk.

  • The connecting arms adjustable in length to further increase fitability and placement option. Sturdy grip surface to prevent slipping or accidents, made in many different designs for your choice.

  • Due to Bumpriders quickrelease system for easy mounting and dissemble from your stroller, installation is very easy. No tools needed.