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Bednest Co-Sleeping Bassinet


Bednest Co-Sleeping Bassinet

Limited stock available

The Bednest is a product like no other. There is no co-sleeping bassinet that offers, height and tilt adjustment, full up or full down side, instant portability and secures to the parent’s.  Most importantly the Bednest looks like now other bassinet with the beauty of its design.

It is an award winning product for its design and function. The Bednest is one of the most versatile bassinets on the market and its many features make it a truly unique product. 

The Bednest can be attached to the parents' bed so that feeding and settling can be done with minimal interuption to either baby or mother. Depending on the situation the mesh sides have 2 position options: up fully or fully down.

The Bednest can also be used as an independent bassinet in the nursery with both sides up fully should you not wish to have baby right next to you. Further the height adjustable frame can be set on an angle which is a great benefit for those babies who suffer from reflux. Last but not least both the frame and the basket are fully collapsible for travel or storage.