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Avent 3M+ Mini Marine Fun Teether


Avent 3M+ Mini Marine Fun Teether

Limited stock available

Avent 3M+ Mini Marine Fun Teether

Avent’s range of teethers are specially designed to help sooth the discomfort of teething pains by following the natural stages of teething, and your baby will love the Mini Marine Teether. Suitable from 3 months, but can also be used when a baby is slightly older as their back teeth start to emerge.


Features Include:

Playful features to help distract your baby from teething pain.

Water filled pods and can be placed in the fridge for a cooling relief.

Fits little mouths & hands

Easy to clean with warm water


Sooth and comfort your teething baby with the Avent Mini marine Teether. Get yours online today at Baby Online Direct.