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Baby Dam Bath Barrier Green and White



Baby Dam

Baby Dam Bath Barrier Green and White

Limited stock available

Baby Dam Bath Barrier Green and White

The Baby Dam Bath Barrier is a simple and practical solution to bath time with your baby. The Baby Barrier transforms your family bath into a baby bath suitable for a newborn or toddler in seconds saving you water, energy, time, space and money.

Baby Dam can be fitted in seconds. You can quickly and easily seals of a smaller section of all standard straight sided baths perfectly in any chosen position.

With the Baby Dam Bath Barrier, you can create a safer, more comfortable bathing space for your little one.


Approx dimensions:

57cm wide + seals on each side 3.5cms each

Suitable for newborn or toddler

The Baby Dam is NOT a toy

** Toys not included

The environmentally friendly Baby Dam Bath Barrier makes bath time easier with your child. Buy yours online now at Baby Online Direct.