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Cares In Flight Aircraft Childs Safety Harness


Cares In Flight Aircraft Childs Safety Harness

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  • The CARES harness acts as a car seat for aeroplanes. It's the reliable, lightweight solution for safe and easy flying with kids. CARES is manufactured by AMSAFE, the worlds leading manufacturer of aeroplane seat belts.

  • Their testing shows it to be as safe as a car seat for your child. It comes with simple installation instructions on DVD. We recommend that parents experiment with the belts and buckles before they fly, to become familiar with how to adjust them before use. 

  • It also comes with an instructional safety card and drawstring carry bag. 

  • It is the only Aviation Authority approved alternative to a car seat when flying with young children. It is certified for all phases of flight - taxiing, take off, in-air turbulence and landing. 

  • CARES is certified by many global authorities including the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and the aviation authorities of the USA (FAA), UK (CAA), Canada, Switzerland, Singapore and Israel. It is welcomed by nearly all the major airlines of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa

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