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Hestia H100 Digital Baby Video Monitor


Hestia H100 Digital Baby Video Monitor

Limited stock available

As a parent, complete peace of mind is knowing that your baby is safe and sound at all times, the Hestia H100 Baby Video Monitor does exactly this.

The Hestia baby video monitor provides you with a 2.4 GHz full colour LCD screen with digital audio clarity and complete security to hear and see your loved one at all times.


Features Include:

  • Digital 2.4GHz wireless transmission for both video and audio signal with encrypted data transfer to ensure 100% privacy
  • Adopting Frequency Hopping (FHSS) technology to switch between different channels automatically
  • Extended transmission distance for greater than 250m at open area
  • Automatic night vision function when operating in dim area (night light).
  • Remote sound activation (VOX) from camera unit
  • Portable monitor unit with Lithium battery and built-in battery charger