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Konfidence Neo Nappy Pink - LOW STOCK




Konfidence Neo Nappy Pink - LOW STOCK

Limited stock available

The Konfidence Neonappy is designed as a nappy cover with a soft neoprene shell and high quality nylon lycra waist and leg hems. The Neonappy can be used on it's own or as a double layer nappy cover for extra protection. So how does it work? The neoprene shell provides a soft, flexible and impermeable barrier. The Lycra waist and leg bands form a seal around your child's legs and waist and help to keep whatÕs inside, inside! Super soft lycra edging means no rubbing or chaffing and no red marks. The Neonappyª nappy cover is ideal in conjunction with our eco-friendly reusable and adjustable one size Aqua Nappy for a double layer swim nappy. Enjoy the great outdoors with Konfidence! With a massive range of swimming accessories, Konfidence has helped tens of thousands of children to learn to swim, and enjoy swimming and playing in the water. It is equally good at the local swimming pool in the depths of winter, as it is on the summer vacation in the pool or by the beach. Konfidence products feature bright colours that help the wearer to be seen from a long way away, neoprene construction for faster drying and multiple sizes to suit all your little ones.