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Angelcare AC017 Wireless Movement Baby Monitor


Angelcare AC017 Wireless Movement Baby Monitor

Limited stock available

Angelcare AC017 Wireless Movement Baby Monitor

The Angelcare AC017 Baby Breathing Movement Monitor allows parents to relax while baby is resting. This simple system monitors breathing movement while baby is sleeping. The Movement sensor pads are designed to be placed under baby’s bassinet or cot mattress where it senses subtle movements while baby sleeps.

Do you already own another brand of baby monitor but want to add in Movement monitoring for extra peace of mind now baby is here? The AC017 is perfect because it tracks the tiniest of movements and it will work with any other brand of baby monitor. The AC017 features Angelcare’s new completely wireless Sensor Pad. Parents concerned with cords or cables can rest easy knowing the new Angelcare Breathing Movement Sensor Pad is totally self-contained and communicates wirelessly to the Nursery Unit. This makes it a great travel monitor.


Under-the-mattress wireless breathing movement sensor pad tracks subtle movements that audio and video monitors can't detect*
Alarm will only sound if no movement is detected after 20 seconds
Add breathing detection to any pre-existing monitor setup, irrespective of brand or type
Perfect addition if you already own an Angelcare Breathing Monitor and if you need to monitor twins or 2 babies in the same room.
Tabletop stand for the Nursery Unit
Adjustable sensitivity levels (Movement Sensor Pad)
Lithium Battery operated - Ideal for travelling

With the Angelcare AC017 Wireless Movement Baby Monitor Movement, the world of parenting is just a little more easier and reassuring.