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Baby Safe Australia Baby Car Cam


Babysafe Australia

Baby Safe Australia Baby Car Cam

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Baby Safe Australia Baby Car Camera

The Baby Safe Australia’s Baby Car Cam is such an indispensable tool for travelling parents.

To keep your child safe, infant’s car seats sit on the backseat of your car and face the rear window. This means that even if you did have eyes in the back of your head, you’d have to peer over the back of their seat to be able to see them.

If a baby starts screaming or choking, for example, it’s natural for parents to panic and hastily take their eyes off the road to tend to their child. But it’s not safe. Turning your attention to your baby can cause you to have a road accident, while remaining focused on driving safely could endanger your baby’s life.

A small camera attached to your baby’s seat sends live video and audio to a discrete screen attached to your car’s dashboard.

The Baby Car Cam is a simple piece of equipment that couldn’t be easier to install and use. With an anti-glare safety screen and anti-theft design, the monitor blends in with the colour and texture of your dashboard and allows you to see at a glance what your little one is up to back there.

A single cable connects the monitor to the infrared-capable camera and carries video, sound and power. The unit draws power from your car’s cigarette lighter and is protected against short circuits.


Features Include:

High quality In-car monitoring system

Crystal clear day and night vision

Auto night vision mode

Easy to install and operate

Complete peace on mind

3.5” LCD HD colour monitor

Suitable for rear and front facing car seats

Anti-glare screen

2 year replacement warranty

Compatible with any vehicle fitted with a 12v accessory plug

Complies with traffic laws under road rule 299 - it’s regarded as a driver’s aid – just the same as a GPS unit.

Two-year replacement warranty.


Keep your eyes on your baby at all times while driving in your car with the Baby Safe Australia’s Baby Car Cam. Get yours online today