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Our FAQ's

  • How long will my delivery take?

    For orders where goods are in stock we guarantee it will be dispatched within 3-4 business days, please
    4-6 working days, shipping time. Shipping time may vary depending on the state you live.

  • What happens if I buy something that you don't have in stock for immediate dispatch?

    We endeavor to have every item listed on our site is stock at all times.  In the event that goods are out-of-stock at the time you order,  you will receive an E.T.A advise within 24 hours, excluding public holidays & weekends.  If you choose to cancel the order, your purchase will automatically be refunded.

  • How can I trust that my goods will arrive safely?

    Our logistics team is one of the best in Australia and has won many awards for excellence in this field.  We use reliable proven companies such as Australian Air Express, TNT, Blue Star Logistics, Couriers Please, Fastway Couriers, NQS Freight Systems just to name a few.

  • What are your returns policies?

    We have very clear policies, please refer to our Returns Policy page.

  • How do I know I'm getting the best deal possible?

    We are continually monitoring pricing from all over Australia to ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

  • Do you import you own branded products?

    No!  Our philosophy is that consumers deserve to have a wide range of brands to choose from and not to be pushed towards own branded products.  Baby Online Direct has 100% backing from all the brands our website represents.

  • Have you been contacted by Baby Online Direct regarding a security check?

    During your purchase below pop up screen appears when you made your purchase that you need to tick in order to proceed with payment.




    The reason we require a copy of identification of the persons card that was used for the purchase of this sale is due to a security check.

    This verifies the person who purchased the goods is the same person receiving the product. This protects the card that was used and if verification cannot be supplied to the same details then we cannot dispatch the goods.

    Verification ID is only required if the total amount of purchase is over our threshold and where paypal has not been used as a method of payment. Identification accepted through our system are in the form of medicare card / utility bill / vehicle licence or any other formal document which pertains to the same first and last name as the card used for the transaction.  

    Rest assure that your photo id is only for security check purposes and as soon as it is sited and information is verified it will be destroyed from our records. 

    For any further questions relating to this matter please feel free to email : or call our consumer hotline on 03 9312 0087